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  • Provide 2D design /Idea
  • 3D design
  • Creat New Tooling
  • Production
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Shenzhen Richshining Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen Richshining Technology Co., Ltd.  as a large-scale manufacturer in Guangdong Province, specializes in customized cheering props concert supplies, holiday decoration supplies, outdoor sports supplies, bar lighting supplies, promotional gift supplies, with a professional design team and a complete supply chain, with a professional business team, structural engineers, electronic engineers, procurement, merchandising, QC team can seamlessly connect with customers.
The factory has good cooperation with the Japanese baseball team...
  • 20w+
    Global customers to provide products and technical services
  • 15+
    15 years production experience large-scale strength manufacturer
  • 50+
    Products are exported to nearly 50 countries

Why choose us

  • Custom machining

    The division can determine the variety of products can be customized according to demand
  • Can take urgent orders

    Small starting order, emergency order can be accepted
  • Quality clearance

    Products meet the finished product standards, product quality control layer by layer
  • One piece for delivery

    There is a piece of support for you to choose
  • Adequate stock

    Wide variety of products, sufficient stock can be fast


Meet our new DMX512 lightstick from Shenzhen Richshining. With patented technology and easy control, it lights up...
DMX512 Lightstick testing

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